Best tablets for kids

You may think that there is a lot to go on the kid’s tablet trend, but actually, there is scarcity in this side of the market. Most parents want tablets with the best parental features that they can control before they let their kids use them and also prefer if they have added extras. Here are the best tablets for kids with the best features that any parent would want for their child.

Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

This tablet has a longer battery life that lasts for twelve hours and a 32GB internal storage. Apart from that, you get a subscription of one year free to the Fire For Kids service that includes books and TV shows that are particularly for kids. With a strong bumper case it has, you will be satisfied with this tablet.kidslaptoprightsdbfngmh

LeapFrog Epic

This tablet is designed for kids below the age of five. It offers a simple design Android-powered UI. It has a 2-4 years lifespan which is enough to give your child entertainment to a certain period. The resolution has low quality with 1024*600 dpi even though it has a seven-inch screen display and also muted colors. An advantage of the LeapFrog Epic is allowing you create multiple user profiles for different children. Its key features are a five-hour battery life, chunky design, and simple UI.


Kurio Smart

The Kurio Smart is designed similarly to the Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 which has a keyboard that is detachable. Though the design is impressive, the features are quite basic. It is made of a HDMI port that allows children to connect it with a larger screen to help with homework. It is not powerful, and its display of 1280*800 is not enough for multitasking. Gaming is great, and you can open a maximum of three to four tabs when using it for site browsing. At one charge, you can use it for six to seven hours.

iPad Mini 2

kidslaptopleftsabdnjfkThis tablet is not specifically made for kids, but they can be allowed to use it as long as it is enveloped with an impact protection case. The iPad Mini 2 runs on Apple iOS 9 which has parental features that make it safe enough for kids to handle it. It enables you to restrict adult content from showing up and installation of new apps as well since it allows you control the Safari web browser. Also, the app enables you to block access to podcasts and music with content that is explicit, and TV shows that are adult themed. This tablet App Store offers access to a lot of apps, games, and eBooks.


Must have laptop accessories

The fact that you have spent a good amount of money on your laptop is not enough. There are some accessories you must have for to make your computer system a complete package. These play a big role in the functionality of your computer. The following are some of the important accessories you need for your laptop.

Laptop bag

You need to keep your laptop safe at all times. This can be done by investing in a laptop bag which is the considered the most important accessory. You cannot move around with your laptop exposed. Laptop bags are relatively cheap. Ensure that your bag can hold the laptop plus other accessories.personaltechrightsabdfjgkh


It is important that your laptop has software that will help you perform the tasks you want. Do not assume you have the right software and everything you need. There may need to add software and go online to update the existing ones.

USB mouse

You need eraser rubs and trackpads for your laptop. Most people prefer the real mouse because it is suitable for most of the areas where you will be computing. Buy a USB mouse and always keep it in your laptop bag for use whenever there is a need.

Cat5 ethernet cable

Most laptops have the built-in ethernet port. This port can however not do you any good when you are in a hotel, and you discover an ethernet connection. The hotel may provide these cables, but it is not a guarantee. Be prepared with the right cable for such situations.

Telephone cable

It is almost impossible to go anywhere in cyberspace if you do not have a cable that connects your laptop to your phone jack. This also holds for your modem connection. Ensure you have this cable as it may also be used to recharge your phone form the laptop.

USB drive

personaltechleftghcjknbmThis is a storage device that is almost the size of the thumb. It is usually plugged directly into the USB port of your laptop. They are relatively small but very useful in transferring file easily and quickly from one computer to the next. They are also good for temporary backup of important files that you may create on the road.

These are some of the accessories that make your computer system a complete package. Ensure you have them for a smooth running of your operation on your laptop.