Online Memorial and Online Obituary services.

Why pay a lot of money for an obituary in your local newspaper, which can only be seen for a short time in a small area of the country? With the power of the internet an online obituary can be seen by friends and relatives around the world. You can commemorate their passing by including cherished video footage of them in happier times ? a service no newspaper can offer. And at the obituary you make can stay online for as long as you want it to.To find an individual online obituary on our website just enter the surname, or family name, of the deceased on the A-Z name search engine. is a unique service whereby you can record your last words, your last message or last wishes to be conveyed to any one you nominate after your death in order to leave your departing messages for your love ones. Your final message will be delivered to the one you wish. After departing, message from the grave can be a great relief to the ones you leave behind.