Google Search Tips and Tricks

When you are curious about something, just ask Google. Google has all the answers when it comes to what you need to know as long as it has been posted online. It is the number one search engine that is most popular and most used around the world when compared to the wide array of several different and various search engines that are out there.

We use Google practically every day to find out about something that we need to know. When searching using Google, there is a mountain of possibilities. There are also several tips and tricks that you need to know. Here are some Google search tips and tricks that you need to know:

I’m feeling curious

SearchNot many people know about this one trick. This is actually a very interesting and amusing Google trick that can expand your horizon in terms of knowledge and facts. The I’m feeling curious trick is actually very handy. Just go to Google and search the words I’m feeling curious on the search bar. You will get new facts, and you can learn something new with this trick. Learning with Google’s I’m feeling curious is an easy way to learn something new every day.

Efficient and effective search tips

When you want to get the most out of your Google search, there are several tips that you can follow.To search exact phrases, you can use quotes. When you want to search phrases with unknown words, you can use an asterisk in place of the word. You can search a definition of a word by using a colon after define.

You can also search within a website by using a colon after site and followed by the name of the website and then your search term. You can also use Google as a calculator to do simple maths. You can also use it to find trending topics, recipes, food comparison, weather conditions, check the time, flight status, translation, and even a love quote generator.

Fun tricks

googleGoogle has a lot of fun and amusing tricks to get you out of boredom every now and then. There are a lot of tricks that you can do on Google that can amaze you. Not a lot of people know about this, but it is a very fun thing to know about. Type in things such as “do a barrel roll”, “Atari Breakout”, “tilt”, “recursion”, “Google Gravity”, as well as “zerg rush” and watch the magic happen. You can also search on, which is a reversed version of Google known as Google backwards.