Six factors for choosing the fastest virtual private network

If you are traveling to a government censored country like China then using a VPN or virtual private network is the only way out. For instance, in such nations accessing social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube are heavily restricted or in the worst scenarios disabled. With a VPN you can have a peace of mind surfing on an unsecured network.

A virtual private network functions by creating an encrypted channel through which a users data is transmitted to making you invisible to internet service providers or anyone trying to discover more about your internet activity. With many service providers online choosing the fastest virtual private network can prove to be a tricky affair. Knowing the features that you should look out for in a service provider will give you an edge when identifying the right vendor. Some of the features to hunt for when choosing a fastest VPN service provider include:



Is the service provider in question reliable? Well, you should only choose to work with reliable companies if you want to get the most out of your surfing sessions. Researching on the number of times a network is up or down is the best way to know more about the reliability of the service.

Excellent customer support

While almost all companies have a customer support team, the ugly truth is that all of them are not created equal. You have to check if they provide their services round the clock and their knowledge of numerous technical issues. Thus, it’s advisable that you work with a service provider that offers 24/7 service. This is particularly of great importance if you are using the VPN to transact business.

Great connection speeds

The VPN service provider that you pick should offer constant and fast connection speeds. While this might primarily depend on the internet service provider, the virtual service provider should have a negligible effect on the connection speeds. Stay away from virtual private networks that are slow like the plague because they will cost you in the end.


Account opening process

Gone are the heydays when you had to spend hours trying to set up a VPN account. The process of setting up an account should be simple and not consume lots of your time. Some of the best service providers have simplified the account setting process to make sure that it takes less than five minutes of your time.

Protocols and encryption levels

If you are concerned about the security and data encryption levels, then you must take a closer look at the VPN connection protocols. The most secure protocols today include open VPN and SSTP. Never compromise on encryption levels if you need the network to transfer sensitive information.


The bandwidth offered by the service provider should be another of your concerns. If you require the VPN for your daily online services like watching videos, surfing the internet and downloading, then you might be forced to go for a high or unlimited bandwidth. What you need to know is that you don’t have to get an unrestricted or high bandwidth at an expensive cost.


Must have laptop accessories

The fact that you have spent a good amount of money on your laptop is not enough. There are some accessories you must have for to make your computer system a complete package. These play a big role in the functionality of your computer. The following are some of the important accessories you need for your laptop.

Laptop bag

You need to keep your laptop safe at all times. This can be done by investing in a laptop bag which is the considered the most important accessory. You cannot move around with your laptop exposed. Laptop bags are relatively cheap. Ensure that your bag can hold the laptop plus other accessories.personaltechrightsabdfjgkh


It is important that your laptop has software that will help you perform the tasks you want. Do not assume you have the right software and everything you need. There may need to add software and go online to update the existing ones.

USB mouse

You need eraser rubs and trackpads for your laptop. Most people prefer the real mouse because it is suitable for most of the areas where you will be computing. Buy a USB mouse and always keep it in your laptop bag for use whenever there is a need.

Cat5 ethernet cable

Most laptops have the built-in ethernet port. This port can however not do you any good when you are in a hotel, and you discover an ethernet connection. The hotel may provide these cables, but it is not a guarantee. Be prepared with the right cable for such situations.

Telephone cable

It is almost impossible to go anywhere in cyberspace if you do not have a cable that connects your laptop to your phone jack. This also holds for your modem connection. Ensure you have this cable as it may also be used to recharge your phone form the laptop.

USB drive

personaltechleftghcjknbmThis is a storage device that is almost the size of the thumb. It is usually plugged directly into the USB port of your laptop. They are relatively small but very useful in transferring file easily and quickly from one computer to the next. They are also good for temporary backup of important files that you may create on the road.

These are some of the accessories that make your computer system a complete package. Ensure you have them for a smooth running of your operation on your laptop.