Etiquette in the Co-Working Office

If you are looking to launch your new startup business, then a co-working office is the ideal solution for you. This option is good because it is flexible, affordable and sociable. A co-working space will also offer you with everything that is typically offered in a serviced office. The only difference is that you will have to share.
Because a co-working office will bring you together with strangers, incompatibilities may sometimes occur. To avoid becoming the talk of the co-working space for the wrong reasons, here are things that you should and shouldn’t do.

Be Friendly

To enhance your shared working space, it will help to greet your co-workers with a smile. Creating a happier environment will make you productive. You can also earn some valuable contacts that can help you in networking your business. Sociability is a very important key in co-working.

Be Tidy

Your coffee cups, your food wrappers, and other wastes should be kept to a minimum. No one would like to sit next to a place that looks and smells like a rubbish dump. You should, therefore, be considerate of your co-workers by being tidy. You should also keep your desk organized to avoid upsetting your co-workers. This can also improve your productivity.

Telephone Etiquette

Your co-working space will have an area that will be dedicated to making phone calls. It will, therefore, be advisable that you use these telephone booths, even if it is not mandatory. This is because everybody in your shared office space will important things to attend to and none of them would like to be bothered with your dinner plans. You will, therefore, need to respect your co-working space by taking your calls away from the workstation.

Don’t Overuse Services

Since most of the resources in your co-working space will be shared, you should always ensure that you don’t overuse the resources. Avoid overusing all the paper in the copying machine or overbooking the conference room. You should also ensure that you stay within the space that you have rented.

Spread the Word

Finally, you should remember to promote your co-working space in order to help it grow. Most co-working offices rely on people coming on so that they could stay in business. You should, therefore, ensure that you promote the space through your contacts and through your online social networks. You can also bring in new members that you love to work with. Check out coworking space in San Francisco for more information.